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October 27, 2017

We talk the Render Festival and their documentary on Cristian Vogel during a special evening with the Automatic Message

Show Playlist

First Hour:
Provided by The Automatic Message and Cristian Vogel
Cristian Vogel Bafefoot Agnete
Crown Hill Repeater Orange (The Automatic Message Remix)
Cristian Vogel Signal Symbol
Cristian Vogel Hold
The Automatic Message Paint By Numbers
Cristian Vogel Snowcrunch
Echologist and the Automatic Message Frieght
Cristian Vogel Cubic Haze
The Automatic Message Towers Of Hanoi
Stefan Rain Amorphous Material (The Automatic Message Remix)
Cristian Vogel Barefoot Agnete

Second Hour:
Mixed by Kuma and Motomasa
Djrum Broken Glass Arch
Benjamin Damage Montreal
Dennis Sulta Aur World
Terrence Fixer Dance Of The Comets
Sebastian Mullaert Broken Mirror
Avalon emerson Finally Some Common Ground
Kuma Panopticon Days
Depeche Mode Strangelove (Hijack Remix)
Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel
New Order Perfect Kiss
Depeche Mode Master And Servant
Cabaret Voltaire Majik
Acid OG's The Freak Inside
Tom Cole This Sound
Dirty Mind The Killer (The Killer Version)