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June 08, 2017

Roman is flavour of fun, with bouncy house and disco that keeps the party rolling and rolling and rolling...even when you shut the party down, he keeps it rolling

Show Playlist

First Hour:

Second Hour:
Mixed by Kuma
David Sylvian Fire In The Forest
Darkstar Aidy's Girl Is A Computer
Deadboy If You Want Me (Brackles and Shortstuff Mix)
Floating Points Silhouettes (I, II, III)
Easy All Stars Spreak To Me/Breathe
Killing Joke Love Like Blood (You Heart Is A Weapon Dub)
Leftfield Open Up (I Hate Pink Floyd Mix)
Leftfield Open Up (Sabres Of Paradise Dub)
Deadbeat abd Danuel Tate Lazy Jane
Klute Tubby
Massive Attack Rising Son (Underworld Mix)