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September 28, 2017

An important question to ask oneself no matter where in a life you are; what do you have to offer the world? For some it is services for me it is a humanitarian service of helping people think, think and think. We must think to progress and evolve, with the rapid development of our modern cultures, we need to make sure and keep this fact in mind. There is so much information around us that we forget to think for ourselves. For me : the way I try to play that out is through crafting music, the motto is; create a spatial environment rather than a track. Through this musical space I try to get people to think through the very seemingly basic process that goes on a daily basis; the sensual capabilities for transducing external energy of moving particles into internal thought or feeling. I intend to offer the listeners a new space, one that has not been created, I hope the intentions behind my productions resonate with people through the very primitive notion of our co existence. I offer motivation to grow through the craft of sound. Myself being born in Moscow, growing up in Hong Kong and living in Vancouver I feel I have a sufficient enough collection of experience through which many will be able to relate to. my passion for growth was born with me, my passion for music was born in Vancouver. Where for the first time I went to an event with house music exclusively, my heart was hooked. The stretched out singles appealed to me, instead of the traditional 3-4 minute tracks, these 8 minute long pieces offered a prolonged timeline through which I can formulate my thoughts towards where they need to be, instead of merely touching on them, the 4 by 4's allowed me to curate them with more precision. At first making music for me was a far fetched dream. With time the motivation of the dear friends around me is what got me started, to begin with I was making music off of a friend's laptop, whenever he would be in class I would utilize that time to develop what eventually I became passionate about. Eventually I acquired a system of my own, music seemed to come naturally to me, I did not have to stress myself to learn, it just came as I marched on. My dear friends having emphasized this fact, encouraged me to further pursue the far fetched dream of mine, where now the dream is a reality and I couldn't be happier with such an outcome. I hope to motivate the people around, in any way possible. Music I find is a good way to reach many people at once, hence this is my platform to help us humans evolve.

Over the course of my working process I have played at numorus house parties organized by ADSR collective, groundwerk and Beatsolow. Getting releases on international labels such as "random collective". Through collaboration with close friends won remix contest at RF, have shared significant venues in Hong Kong with big names as Deetron. have helped setting up Sunwave events, volunteered at electronic music festivals.

Show Playlist

First Hour:

Second Hour:
Mixed by Kuma & Motomasa
Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel
Audion mouth To Mouth
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Kooler Than Jesus
Leftfield; Open Up (Skream Remix)
Junior Vasquez Get Your Hands Off Of My Man (Fire Island Remix)
Kim English Learn 2 Luv (Mood II Swing Remix)